Centrad issues rallying call to UK operators ahead of DVS deadline

With changes to TfL’s Direct Vision Standard set to go live later this year, leading vehicle CCTV and telematics providers Centrad has urged UK operators against delaying the adoption of the mandated Progressive Safe Systems until the last minute. Currently, it is estimated that between 170,000 to 180,000 vehicles will need to be fitted with […]

Elevating Fleet Safety: The Essential Role of Pedal Monitoring Cameras

With Transport for London’s (TfL) recent mandate requiring all new buses to be equipped with pedal monitoring cameras, the focus on fleet safety has never been sharper. For a fleet operator, understanding the nuances of this mandate and the inherent benefits of pedal monitoring technology is not just about compliance, but about embracing a culture […]

Understanding the 2024 Updates to Direct Vision Standard and General Safety Regulations

Changes in Transport Safety Standards: A 2024 Perspective The transport industry is on the brink of significant changes in 2024, primarily due to updates in the General Safety Regulations (GSR) and Direct Vision Standard (DVS). These updates aim to enhance road safety, focusing on heavy goods vehicles. General Safety Regulations (GSR) Overview Purpose: GSR’s goal […]

Jet Express Reaping Rewards from CCTV Camera Systems

Along with a host of other benefits, leading time critical logistics solutions provider Jet Express have seen an uptick in load optimisation improvements since procuring vehicle CCTV camera systems onto their fleet from one of the UK’s foremost vehicle CCTV camera specialists in the UK, Centrad. While provisionally fitting front and rear facing vehicle CCTV […]

Centrad launches AI Driver Distraction Camera in a bid to revolutionise road safety

One of the UK’s leading vehicle CCTV and telematics suppliers Centrad has embarked on a campaign to revolutionise road safety by launching its Drivers Distraction Camera powered by AI. The camera which features a driver facing camera system, utilises the power of artificial intelligence to identify and analyse dangerous driving behaviours that are likely to […]