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Geoff Cross, Managing Director of Centrad

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Centrad is the market leader for Vehicle Camera and Telematics solutions, supporting thousands of fleet operators across the UK. We’ve got the best technology, helping our clients save thousands of pounds each and every year, but there’s no doubt about it – we wouldn’t be where we are today without our people. Our success is built on the foundation of our people.

Our story so far

To truly understand the essence of who we are, let’s take a journey back to our origins and explore some of the key milestones that have shaped us.

Autumn 2003

Geoff Cross, then aged 17, takes the leap and starts Central Buses with one vehicle, operating an hourly bus service on Route 7 between Perry Common and Birmingham.

Summer 2006

Having spent significant costs on printed destination blinds and being unable to find a cost-effective electronic solution, Central Buses directors, in partnership with a supplier in the Far East, developed and produced a prototype electronic LED Destination Display for its own fleet. The prototype was quickly proven, with a further order to another half a dozen units placed shortly after to allow the full fleet to be retrofitted.

Autumn 2006

A business plan was developed to sell the displays to other UK bus and coach operators under the trading name Centrad (Central Trading). The LED Displays would launched at approximately half of the price of the alternative systems on the market at that time.

Winter 2006

Centrad started trading with a soft launch in the Coach and Bus Week magazine. Its first customers included A2Z Travel, D&G Buses, GHA Coaches, Andy bus, Helms Coaches, and North Birmingham Busways.

Autumn 2007

Centrad exhibited at the Coach & Bus Live exhibition at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre for the first time.

Summer 2008

Central Buses' insurance premiums started to dramatically increase, primarily because of several cash for crash' incidents on route 98 between Small Health and Ward End. These claims proved increasingly difficult to defend. Centrad started to develop an onboard CCTV system.

Spring 2009

Centrad launched its four-camera digital CCTV system, having been extensively tested and trialled on the Central Buses fleet.

Summer 2010

Centrad relocated to new premises along with the Central Buses business - an 11,500 square foot warehouse facility just outside Birmingham City Centre.

Autumn 2014

Centrad launches its 8 and 16 camera systems along with its initial 'Centrad Live' solution for remote video playback and download.

Autumn 2015

Central Buses wins 'Bus Operator of the Year' at the Route One Awards.

Autumn 2016

Central Buses wins 'Bus Operator of the Year' at the Route One Awards for the second year running.

Winter 2018

The 31-vehicle Central Buses operation is sold to Rotala PLC to allow the directors to focus on the growing Centrad business.

Summer 2018

Centrad continues to grow with the gain of significant accounts, including Malcolm Logistics, British Airways, and the Post Office.

Autumn 2018

Centrad acquires freehold office space in Amber Business Village, Tamworth.

Spring 2019

Centrad launches Centrack - its advanced tracking platform for fleet operators who require extensive reporting.

Spring 2020

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Centrad launches an onboard temperature check system for bus and coach operators.

Winter 2020

Centrad doubles sales turnover, despite the pandemic, as further significant accounts join the Centrad family, and demand for HGV safety technology increases with the introduction of the 'Direct Vision Standard' in London from March 2021

Spring 2022

Centab is launched - Centrad's industry-leading multipurpose vehicle tablet featuring a range of mobile applications, including Vehicle Check for driver walkaround checks.

Spring 2023

Centrad releases its range of 'AI' camera solutions, providing proactive real-time alerts to fleet managers of any high-risk driving behaviour, including mobile phone usage, distraction, smoking, and driver fatigue.

Summer 2024

Cenhub is launched - Centrad's brand-new video telematics and fleet management platform.

Supporting you at every stage of your journey

Are you eager to join a company that will nurture your skills and help you find fulfilment? At our company, career growth is a top priority. We offer an extensive selection of learning and development courses designed to expand your expertise.

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What life looks like at Centrad

We are a small hardworking team of a family owned business, based at our Head Office is based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We also have a distribution hub situated in Gwynedd, North Wales. We are continually looking to recruit great people in both locations. We celebrate our differences and look out for one another like a family.

There’s cake on birthdays, eggs at Easter and spontaneous team lunches throughout the year. When its time to work, we pull together as one and give 110% – but we have fun along the way !

We are always looking for new people