The 7 Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle tracking has been around for some time now – although the investment required for the technology has reduced dramatically over the last five years.

Fleet operators are using GPS tracking to monitor their vehicles on a live basis but are benefiting with the latest solutions that assist with monitoring driver behaviour and increasing fleet efficiency. These solutions include automated reporting, real time telematics alerts and mobile applications.

Telematics gives operators access to vehicle location, direction of travel, speeds, stops, idle time and driver behaviour. This powerful data can be used to help supervisors identify potential risks within the business and ensure that relevant training can be carried out to reduce risks – ultimately saving costs and reducing the risk of accidents.

This article covers the 7 key benefits your business could benefit from by having a GPS vehicle tracking system in place.

1 – Route Playback

One of the most important benefits of a tracking system is quick and easy access to historical data. This would include data that details the exact route a vehicle had taken, the duration of the trip(s) and the speed at which they had travelled. In the event of receiving a complaint or query regarding one of your vehicles or drivers, this data will very quickly determine what happened.


2 – Driver Behaviour Alerts

Proactive rather than reactive reporting can dramatically assist a fleet owner. High end GPS vehicle tracking systems can be configured to send out real time alerts when a certain incident occurs. For example – harsh braking, high impact, excessive speeding and a vehicle operating in an unrecognised or unauthorised area, are just a small number of alerts that can be configured, allowing supervisors to carry out immediate action where required.


3 – Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing allows fleet owners to receive alerts or reports that tell you when a vehicle has entered and/or exited a specified area. For example, a fleet owner may want to receive an alert when a vehicle enters a prohibited area, such as a low emission zone or toll road.


4 – Increasing efficiencies

GPS vehicle tracking systems can produce detailed reports showing routes taken and events which may affect efficiencies. This can include current road conditions or idling hotspots. Identifying these inefficiencies can produce significant fleet savings to fleet owners by taking preventative measures to prevent their reoccurrence.


5 – Automatic Reporting

Time is money and it’s therefore very important that fleet managers spend as little time as possible analysing data. A quality GPS tracking system will allow fleet owners to select the relevant information they require on a periodic basis that is automatically produced and sent to the relevant managers within the organisation.


6 – Maintenance

A high end vehicle tracking system will provide key vehicle data automatically. This can include mileage, engine hours and vehicle running time. In addition it may also be possible to capture engine management / CANbus data. This data can automatically notify fleet engineers when a specified mileage threshold is met in order to ensure inspections and routine maintenance can be carried out in the most efficient manner.


7 – Key Performance Data

The risk of GPS tracking systems can be ‘data overwhelm’. A quick glance dashboard containing key information such as mileage, speeding and other key reporting measures will help fleet owners and managers review data in the most efficient manner.

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