Do fleets fitted with cameras require warning signage under GDPR?

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into place, superseding the Data Protection Act which previously governed the use of CCTV in vehicles. Commercial vehicle owners who have camera systems installed which record video footage are covered by GDPR.

Cameras which are only used to view blind spots and are not being recorded are not covered by GDPR and do not require warning signage to be in situ.

A critical aspect of GDPR is that anyone being recorded by a camera system must be aware of its presence. This includes both the public, the driver and any other people that may come into contact with the vehicle i.e. mechanics, passengers, customers etc.

Signage should be prominently displayed on the vehicle and where possible, wherever a camera is recording, this includes internal cameras. Signage should be clearly visible and where audio recording equipment is being used this should also be detailed.

Covert surveillance is only permitted in extreme circumstances and where done so a risk assessment and a justification must be undertaken. Under GDPR, individuals can submit access requests to view data where they believe their privacy has been breached. You cannot charge individuals for dealing with these requests however you can change a ‘reasonable fee’ when a request is unfounded or excessive.

For vehicles that are not sign written, it is recommended that the details of the data controller (usually the owner of the camera system) are displayed.

In addition to signage, it is important that fleet owners ensure that video footage is handled securely. For instance, Centrad’s software has administration rights, which restricts access to authorised users only.  Footage has a non-visible watermark to ensure that tampered files will not play with a lockable hard drive to prevent unauthorised access to data.

Hopefully that’s helped clarify everything for you.

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