CENLive & CENTrack Solutions

  • Live View with CENLive
  • Playback at the click of a button
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Easy to Navigate 
  • Download and store footage 

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CENLive is a user friendly service supplied by Centrad to help you monitor your fleet in real time with full live / remote viewing of video footage and GPS tracking.

Our CENLive system also allows you to access you to also view and playback footage remotely from the vehicle, removing the requirement for having to wait for the vehicle to return back to depot and remove the hard drive. educes the hassle and time of plugging your DVR into your computer systems to retrieve data after an incident.   

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CENLive & CENTrack Solutions


Play Back



If an incident happens to occur on one of your fleet vehicles, the sooner you can review the video footage of the incident the better. CENLive allows you to access and review video footage of any vehicle that is online instantly without having to wait for the vehicle to return back to its depot


Live View

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CENLive enables you to view your fleet in real time, select any camera on the vehicle and monitor the surroundings and safety of your drivers.

CENLive systems are used by fleet owners to ensure the security of their fleet, check the progress of jobs and access to live data using our reporting suite.


GPS Tracking

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CENTrack is another solution from Centrad that enables you to keep track of your fleet to enable that they are on the correct route and on schedule

CENTrack can also monitor speed, position and direction of travel right from any PC or by using our mobile application (Android or IOS only)