Talking Buses

“7 out of 10 bus passengers with sight loss have missed their stop because a driver forgot to tell them when to alight” Guide Dogs for the blind association

Centrad are pleased to announce the successful trial and development of our GPS Auto Announcement device - designed for operators who want to provide a leading travel information experience to their customers.


Our 'Talking Bus' system features:

  • Built In GPS Technology for safe, automatic and easy announcements
  • Can save announcements for multiple routes and directions
  • Supports 28 languages
  • Works in conjunction with our easy to use PC setup software
  • Simple upload to 'on vehicle' device via USB Supports audio files in .MP3, .WAV or .WMA format
  • Advertisement Announcement feature
  • Works in conjunction with our internal LED Information Display (Optional)

Where can I buy Your Talking Buses products?

You can purchase your onboard Talking Buses products directly from us here at Centrad. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help guide you to the perfect Wi-Fi solution for your fleet.

Give Steph a call on 0121 696 4784 arrow_right.png

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