Vehicle CCTV

We know its a minefield trying to find a reliable, affordable CCTV solution for your fleet of vehicles that ticks all the boxes. 

We know that choosing a camera solution for your fleet can be confusing, here at Centrad we believe in keeping it simple. 

We know that every customer has different requirements and our solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements but here is a good place to start. 

All of our cameras are compatible with all of our DVR’s, once you have chosen the number of cameras you require on your vehicle and if you require CENLive to access the video footage.

We can help you with:


We know that every customer has different needs, our Vehicle CCTV solutions can be tailored to suit your business requirements. 

When choosing Centrad for your in-vehicle camera technology solution you can be assured you are buying from the experts.

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We’re the only providers who are also fleet operators

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