DVR Lock Box
Product Code CEN – 204
Our DVR’s are super secure as standard but you can opt for the ‘Fort Knox’ approach with our DVR Lock Boxes
Sensor / Alarm Box’
Product Code CEN-209
Our alarm sensor box records all alarm data such as vehicle indicating, braking and the opening and closing of doors and is compatible with our CEN102+ and CEN103+ mobile DVRs.
‘Plug N Play’ Extension Cable
Product Code CEN - 401
Available in lengths between 3 and 15 metres, these cables literally plug n play between your Centrad Mobile DVR and camera – perfect for a straightforward ‘DIY’ installation
Microphone (Including Housing)
Product Code CEN-207
Our covert microphone is ideal for installing in locations where you wish to record audio and there is no camera present. The microphone has an adjustable gain control feature for excellent sound reproduction
Twin Cable (100 Metres)
Product Code CEN – 402
An extremely flexible twin audio cable, each core is individually screened and laid side by side in a ‘figure of 8’ configuration. This cable is the most cost effective option.
Spare 500GB Hard Drive (Includes Caddy)
Product Code CEN – 203
We’ve heard some horror stories about operators who have removed Hard Drive’s from a vehicle in order to download footage and forgetting to reinsert the Hard Drive as soon as the footage was downloaded and not recording vital evidence on the vehicle in the meantime. We recommend all users of CEN 101 and CEN 102 systems have a spare Hard Drive for each depot, ensuring continuous recording at all times
CCTV Warning Stickers
Product Code CEN – 208
Self adhesive vinyl sign which will stick to any flat surface measuring 280mm x 100mm. The stickers are a 100% waterproof and are ideal for internal or external use