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Centrad Live is a user friendly platform supplied by Centrad to help you monitor your fleet in real time with full live, remote viewing of video footage combined with real time GPS tracking  and instant notification of driving incidents.

Our Most Highlighted Features

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Historic Playback at the click of a button

Full GPS

Crash detection with auto video upload

Cloud video

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The platform provides a full suite of analytical reports along with peace of mind that your fleet is fully protected all of the time with 24/7 health check monitoring and alerts. The service is fully backed with our two year product warranty and unlimited lifetime support.

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Remote Video Download

Our platform allows users to live stream camera footage directly from the vehicle along with the ability to playback and download historic video footage remotely. Video files can be then easily saved and shared using our encrypted software


When an incident is detected, the Digital Video Recorder will automatically upload the incident file to the Centrad Live server. The video and blackbox data can then be anaylyzed. Alerts are automatically sent to the relevant users and the incident footage is stored for up to 3 months

GPS Tracking

The Centrad Live platform includes live GPS Vehicle Tracking along with full historic journey replay data. All GPS data is stored for three months as standard with 30 second tracking updates

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