Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVRs)

No matter how large or small the vehicles in your fleet there is a CCTV solution to suit your requirements and budget.

CEN103-AHD Mobile Digital Video Recorder

All of our DVRs are manufactured to the highest specification and are capable of 4G Instant Access, GPS Tracking and remote download, giving fleet operators complete visibility when required.

Our range of DVRs have capacity for a number of cameras from a minimum of 1 camera, our CENDASH dash camera, right up to our CEN104-AHD MDVR which has a huge capacity of 24 cameras and a 10TB of storage. 

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Our most popular five camera system supporting 4 AHD (720P) cameras and 1 IPC (1080P)

CEN101-AHD Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Camera channels (4 AHD & 1 IPC)

4G optional instant access

Up to 2TB storage capacity


The Centrad CEN102-PRO is the perfect DVR for those looking to install a larger number of cameras

12 Camera channels (8 AHD & 1 IPC)

4G optional instant access

Up to 10TB storage capacity


Our entry level DVR with SD card storage

CEN103-AHD Mobile Digital Video Recorder

5 Camera channels (4 AHD & 1 IPC)

4G optional instant access

Upto 512GB storage capacity


The CEN104-AHD MDVR is ideal for double decker buses and coaches supporting up to 24 cameras


24 Camera channels (16 AHD & 8 IPC)

4G optional instant access

Up to 10TB storage capacity

Incidents with your vehicles, are both time consuming and in many cases a lack of evidence can force operators to automatically accept liability in order to settle a claim quickly therefore reducing the companies costs.

In recent times, claims made being made against operators have increased with them being seen as an easy target for fraudulent and crash-for-cash claims.

After installing cameras with a Centrad MDVR, you will have an accurate eye witness providing irrefutable evidence in the case of an incident. Having video footage will not only save your company time and money but will also allow you to support your drivers who without the back up of video footage are placed under scrutiny following an incident.

Mobile Digital Video Recorder Features

Features of remote access

Difference between 4G and WiFi

Centrad’s range of DVRs can come with or without 4G and WiFi access. Wireless connectivity can save a large number of man hours as data can be obtained from the DVR without needing access to the vehicle.

Illustration depicting the increased coverage you receive with 4G access
Illustration depicting the decreased coverage you receive with Wi-Fi access