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Playback Software

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What is it?

Centrad's PC viewing software is a suite of playback and analysis tools, allowing full location and data analysis of video footage from your vehicle. The PC software runs all of our products and is compatible with all the latest Windows softwares.

The software allows you to quicky obtain video footage whether by time / date, event or vehicle registration. The footage can then be backed up onto a server, locally onto PC or exported into various file formats should you wish to share with third parties (such as your insurers).


Can I view footage on my mobile phone or tablet?

Our revolutionary Easycheck app can be downloaded on Apple's Appstore or Google Play. This software allows you thru Wifi using a secure login to configure your MDVR settings, preview all cameras, carry out basic healthchecks in addition to viewing and downloading footage wirelessly.

We also offer the option of 4G connectivity with all of our MDVR's so you can view footage remotely using our Apple or Google mobile application.

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What People Say

"GPS tracking function is invaluable"
The GPS tracking function that is included as standard now on Centrad systems is invaluable. I wasn't sure we would benefit at first as we have telematics installed on our trucks already, but being able to view the footage in sync with a map showing the location and speed of the truck has been extremely useful
– Paul Berrow, Bendi