Vehicle Recorders

Side Scan & Warning

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Why do I need Side Scan / Warning systems on my vehicles?

Centrad's side scan and warning sensor system minimises both the risk of vehicle damage and collisions. The system sounds an audible alert to the driver, warning of obstacles close to the vehicle. This is especially important for fleet operators driving through City Centre's where there is a high number of accidents involving cyclists.

Our system is compliant with both CLOCS and FORS safety specifications and assist fleet operators by;

  • Giving peace of mind to the driver
  • Helping prevent avoidable vehicle damage
  • Helping prevent collisions with pedestrians, workers and cyclists

To find out more about our Side Scan & Warning systems please give one of our experts a call on 0121 696 4784 or send us a message and we will be happy to help !

What People Say

"GPS tracking function is invaluable"
The GPS tracking function that is included as standard now on Centrad systems is invaluable. I wasn't sure we would benefit at first as we have telematics installed on our trucks already, but being able to view the footage in sync with a map showing the location and speed of the truck has been extremely useful
– Paul Berrow, Bendi