Thermal Temperature Detection System

A grey thermal temperature detection sensor
Illustration depicting one person with a high temperature and four people with normal temperatures
  • Accurate to within 0.5°C
  • Measurement range 35 – 42°C
  • Audible alarm to alert driver when abnormal temperature detected
  • Integrates with our CEN102-AHD 12-channel DVR system


Our thermal temperature detection system can be seamlessly integrated with our CEN102-AHD DVR to check and display the temperature of passengers as they board the vehicle or can be used Standalone.

On entering the vehicle the temperature sensor will read each passenger’s temperature, in the event that a temperature reading is above 38°C, an audible alarm will sound to alert the driver. With our Cenlive™ package, an automated alert can also be sent to management or head office along with live or historic video footage.

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