What are Geofences?

Geofences allow you to be automatically notified and report when your fleet enters or exits a specification location or area.

Geofences allow you to:

  • Receive timely alerts in the event of unauthorised activity such as vehicle thefts
  • Review staff / vehicle data instantly when entering or leaving a specific location (for example vulnerable areas, driver’s homes, customer location or congestion zones)
  • Improve fleet efficiency by preventing potential overlaps
  • Improves communication
  • Verify timesheets

Centrad Live provides instant real time alerts to fleet mangers when vehicles are operating within a certain area.


The Centrad Live platform allows you to:

  • Create and maintain Geofences
  • Setup user notifications
  • Create geofences and allocate the relevant geofences to specific vehicle
  • Tailor a shape specifically for the location (Polygon, Circle or Line Drawing)
  • Specify conditions on when the alert is triggered

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