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Our Products

CEN102-AHD Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Vehicle Recorders


Forward Facing Dash Cameras


AHD Cameras

CEN701 Forward Facing Internet Protocol Camera

IP Cameras

Why Choose Centrad?

At Centrad, we have one purpose….. to help fleet operators like you increase vehicle safety whilst saving thousands of £££’s each and every year.

We adopt the ‘Goldilocks’ approach in everything we do. We work with our customers to ensure that every single one of our orders delivers exactly the ‘just-right’ solution.

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with our products you get a complete refund. It is as simple as that.

Over 10 years experience and a network of fully qualified and insured installers

In the unlikely event of something going wrong with our products, you are covered by our full 2-year warranty.

Unlimited lifetime support. We are here to help every step of the way.

Our products feature:

Real Time Alerts

Eco Driving

A truck icon depicting Centrad's commercial fleet design feature

Designed for Commercial Fleets

GPS Tracking

A lock icon depicting Centrad's anti-tamper solution feature

Anti-Tamper Solution

An icon depicting Centrad's 1080P HD resolution feature

Up to 1080P HD Resolutions

Lifetime Support

A map icon depicting Centrad's geo fencing feature

Geo Fencing

Remote Maintenance

An icon depicting Centrad's 2 year warranty

2 Year Warranty

Historic Playback

Remote Playback and Download
Requires Centrad Live™ subscription

Brochure detailing Centrad's customer service and camera offerings

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Running a fleet can be tough…

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Here’s just a few reasons that people love working with us:

We’re always happy to chat…

“Hi, I’m Geoff, Managing Director at Centrad. Feel free to spend a few minutes browsing around this site. You’ll get a feel for what Centrad is all about and hear from LOADS of our existing customers.

“Then, if you feel we can help you, fill in one of our contact forms to find out more – including pricing. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.”

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Geoff Cross Managing Director

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