FORS and Direct Vision Standard Solutions

Is legislation the reason for needing vehicle CCTV for your fleet? We are here to help you find the right solution for your business.

Finding the right vehicle solution for your fleet can be complicated, at Centrad we believe in the ‘Goldilocks’ approach, we will never oversell or undersell our products and solutions.  When legistlation is the driving force behind your decision to install vehicle CCTV we will provide a cost effective solution that will allow your business to keep moving.

What is the difference between FORS and DVS?

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CENLive is a user friendly service supplied by Centrad to help you monitor your fleet in real time with full live / remote viewing of video footage and GPS tracking.

Our CENLive system also allows you to access you to also view and playback footage remotely from the vehicle, removing the requirement for having to wait for the vehicle to return back to depot and remove the hard drive. Reduces the hassle and time of plugging your DVR into your computer systems to retrieve data after an incident.  

Real time tracking with CENLive

Need some help choosing the right FORS package for your fleet?

Hi, I am Steph, Head of Sales. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a bit of guidance with the best solution for your vehicles then we’re always happy to help. Simply give me a call today on:

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