AHD and IP Cameras

AHD (Analogue High Definition) and IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras are two of the highest resolution camera options available.


Centrad have over 15 years of experience selecting the right cameras for fleet operators ensuring the combination of reliability, quality of footage and competitive costings. Below is our range offered that is suitable for all asset types-from buses to forklifts and everything in between.

Front Cameras


This compact HD camera is perfectly suited for both forward-facing views and monitoring driver behavior, making it ideal for a variety of applications. It is available without infrared for forward-facing applications (Model Number CEN305-AHD) or with infrared for internal monitoring (Model Number CEN305R-AHD)


The CEN311-AHD is a full HD 720P compact camera mounted directly on the windscreen to avoid any reflections and light interference from inside the vehicle delivering optimum image quality.


The CEN702 is a 2.0MP mini forward-facing and driver-facing IP camera with secure metal housing and a 2.8mm megapixel fixed lens. This camera offers a wide dynamic range, high-sensitivity Starlight, low power consumption and audio.


The CEN703 is a sleek, intelligent IP vehicle camera, designed to be compact and lightweight. It is mounted directly on the windscreen to eliminate reflections and light interference from inside the vehicle and to minimize driver distraction. The camera records up to 1080P resolution delivering optimum image quality and also features digital WDR.


This camera has been developed for use on light commercial vehicles like vans or drop siders thanks to it’s small size it offers a lot more options for fitment at the same time still packing a punch in terms of image quality.

Side Cameras


a durable side-view camera, is engineered for installation on the vehicle’s front wing. Offering HD 720p resolution and equipped with IR night vision, it provides a super-wide viewing angle to maintain excellent visibility at all times.


The CEN704 camera is an IP / Network camera offering up to 1080P High Definition resolution, specifically designed for side view monitoring with adjustable lens.

Rear Cameras


CEN303-AHD is a high definition rear-view camera, equipped with infrared LEDs and an adjustable sun visor, is designed for optimal performance during both day and night. The camera offers clear visibility of the vehicle’s rear and the area behind it, capturing video evidence in the event of an incident. Additionally, it can be integrated with an in-cab monitor, serving as a reliable reversing camera.


The CEN706 is a high-definition IP/Network 1080P Rear View Camera designed to provide crystal clear video footage of the vehicle’s rear. However, due to latency issues, it is not advised to use this camera in conjunction with the driver’s monitor as a reversing aid.


This compact and robust camera is perfectly suited to be mounted on wing mirror arms for those installs when the body of the vehicle is wider than the cab meaning the vision of our CEN306 side camera will be affected.

Dome Cameras


Our dome camera range, including a 25 degree angle adaptor, is designed for both exterior (non audio option only) and interior mounting on a vehicle, offers high-resolution imagery combined with anti-vibration capabilities and a compact form factor. The range also consists of an audio option (Model CEN302A), Infrared Option (Model CEN302R) and Audio / Infrared (CEN302AR).


IP HD 1080p network dome camera with super-wide dynamic range (WDR) featuring crystal clear images.

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