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We offer a 24 month hardware warranty on all products. We also offer lifetime technical support with all products giving you the peace of mind that if things go wrong Centrad will endeavour to put things right.

This depends on the below variables:

  • Number of cameras
  • Resolution of cameras-this is fully customisable so each camera can be set to different quality levels.
  • Duration of ignition on-the cameras record continuously when the ignition is on so if the vehicles are on for 10 hours a day you will have less historic footage than in a vehicle that is on for 5 hours a day.

We have a number of different memory options so please speak to our sales team and they can customise a solution for your fleet.

We have a wide range of cameras that offer recording of audio. These cameras can be either mounted internally or externally.

We can tailor the system to meet your needs and active/deactivate audio on a per cameras basis-for example you could have an internal dome camera recording audio but no other cameras

This, like many parts of our system, is fully adjustable to suit your needs. We typically set up the cameras to record for 30 minutes after the ignition is switched off should you need to capture incidents that occur. We can increase this but some vehicles we will need to consider additional power options so this does not lead to battery drainage.

Integration with existing cameras is generally feasible, which can slightly reduce installation time. However, we recommend assessing the age and condition of the pre-installed cameras on the vehicle. Over time, cameras, especially those mounted externally, can deteriorate, affecting their reliability. This is particularly true for older units. Consequently, integrating old and potentially unreliable cameras may not be cost-effective.

Our quotations are tailored to suit each customers exact requirements. As a ball park the hardware cost of a 3 camera recording system is around £600 plus fitment and VAT. Please contact our sales team to discuss your particular requirements and they will construct a cost effective solution for you.

If you opt for one of our Live packages with 4G connectivity you will be able to view the cameras in real time when the ignition is on and also remotely access recorded footage over the data network. This is becoming a very popular feature as it removes the need to manually retrieve footage when the vehicle is back at the depot.

We offer a desktop app as well as a mobile app. Please contact our team for a demo of the software.

A panic button is a small button typically mounted by the driver. When pushed, this creates an event on the recording unit. This can create an alert when twinned with our live services so the back office team are alerted. Pushing the panic button also marks footage as an “event” making it easier to see the important footage you need to when reviewing historic footage.

Hardware must be 4G enabled at time of ordering should you wish to benefit from our live camera access offering. There is a cost to this but it is negligible when you consider the benefits of being able to remotely retrieve footage. Our sales team will be able to run through the hardware cost difference and also monthly ongoing costs.

Our standard monthly cost is £12.80 per vehicle which includes the SIM cost. We can offer a bespoke solution for larger data allowance, roaming and EU SIM packages.

High quality hardware is selected to ensure reliability. We can set up mirror recording which involves having an SD card fitted alongside the hard drive to act as a back up format of recording in the unlikely event that the hard drive is to fail.

Customers with Centrad Live will benefit from automatic alerts of hard disk issues enabling for proactive maintenance rather than reactive.

Yes these can be on demand on the dashboard and/or periodically emailed to you on a scheduled basis in a report format.

This will depend on which SIM cards are fitted within the DVRs. As standard our UK SIMs will not be suitable for use outside of the UK but our experts are on hand to discuss the different SIM packages that we offer to suit your needs.

This is a very common questions that we at Centrad get asked. Thanks to our unique background of having ran a fleet our MD put together a Blog outlining our advice on this subject:

Yes. All camera systems record GPS as standard which will offer real time and historic location information. If you require more advanced telematics information such as driver behaviour, remote tacho downloads etc please contact our sales team.

Yes we would love to help! Our experts are on hand to discuss your exact requirements to achieve compliance for FORS and DVS (now the PSS scheme). We can look to work with what kit you already have fitted in order to reduce costs and vehicle downtime during installation.

We have found more and more often that insurers are coming to the table with premium reductions should you go ahead with fitting vehicle camera systems. It is worth having a conversation with your broker regarding this. It may be that you are more likely to see savings after some time of having the cameras fitted. You will have more negation power by providing real data such as how many incidents have been helped by having the high quality video evidence that our systems provide.

AHD Cameras use a coax cable (Centrad’s Plug ‘n’ Play cables) to transmit HD video footage from the camera to the DVR and support up to 1080P HD video resolutions.

The new HD analogue technology allows you to record megapixel resolution using analogue components, resulting in 720P HD resolution from an analogue system.

AHD cameras come in a wide variety of styles, making them easy to fit most locations on your vehicles.

IP Cameras use the internet to send and receive data.

They not only provide significantly higher resolution images than most analogue cameras, but they also display superior contrast ratios and frame rates.

High-resolution footage is a must for most fleet operators, particularly in forward-facing cameras.

When an incident occurs, the footage from an IP camera can allow Head Office or management to zoom in to view finer detail, number plates, and faces that could be the difference when defending an insurance claim.

Improvements in IP Cameras has seen the prices of IP Cameras reduce – meaning you don’t have to choose between quality and budget.

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