4 Reasons why fleet owners should introduce video telematics

Telematics data has proven to be invaluable to fleet operators in recent years. Reducing fuel costs, improve efficiencies and reduce incident rates by monitoring driver behaviour. To protect fleets even further, the best practice is to combine telematics data with video – ensuring an accurate eye witness in the event of incident at all times.

Camera systems can be SD or Hard Drive however with the introduction of 4G its now increasingly popular to download footage remotely, meaning operators no longer have to wait for the vehicle to return to base and remove hard drive in order to review and download footage. Camera footage can be used to protect fleet operators when defending fraudulent accident claims, investigating complaints, increasing vehicle safety and improving driver best practice.

1- Protect your business

In the event of an accident, establishing liability quickly is essential. Even when at fault, the ability to establish liability quickly allows fleet operators to settle claims quickly in the most cost-efficient manner. Camera footage, particularly when used in conjunction with telematics, provides data such as indicator usage, vehicle braking, direction, speed and time which allows fleet operators to establish who was at fault.

2- Reducing insurance costs

Efficient management of claims is essential to ensure costs are reduced to the absolute minimum. Camera systems allow you tao take control of the process and reduce the time required to mange claims and report accidents as soon as they happen.

3- Improve driver best practice

Camera systems provide an accurate eyewitness, painting a full picture especially when combined with telematics data. Transport Managers can use actual footage when briefing drivers aswell as during training events such as Driver CPC, to talk through actual incidents and near mishaps as a training tool to prevent future incidents taking place.

4- Proactive, not reactive

By installing a full camera system with telematics, it allows fleet managers to be proactive and to act on evidence of ‘near miss’ events by carrying out further driver training, ultimately saving money and potentially lives. Driving-related incidents costs fleet operators millions of pounds each year.

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Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing Director
Geoff Cross
Managing Director

I’m Geoff Cross, Managing Director here at Centrad. You might not know, but I used to be a fleet operator. So, I know the challenges and frustrations you’re facing with theft, vandalism, and of course, insurance claims.

In fact, back when I owned a fleet, we knew all too much about  insurance claims, but that’s a story for another day. That’s what gave  me the idea for Centrad – because I know how much of a pain those  issues are. I wanted to solve that problem.

I understand the issues you face, which is why we help fleet operators  like you increase vehicle safety through CCTV and telematics AND  save thousands of £ every single year.

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