Centrad Cameras Help Reduce Insurance Premiums For Excalon

The installation of specialist Centrad CCTV forward and internal cameras on its vehicles is reaping dividends for leading infrastructure contractor Excalon Ltd.

Lower insurance premiums and clear video evidence in the event of a collision are among the benefits to the Salford-based company.

With a growing population and the move away from petrol and diesel cars Excalon specialises in the provision of services to the UK’s utilities industry, including growing the infrastructure to power the country’s electricity usage.

The company operates more than 100 vehicles on UK roads every day as the workforce lays cables to enable the supply.

In more recent years the company has adopted sustainable methods such as replacing miles of overhead lines and electricity poles with more modern and sustainable alternatives such
as underground cables which are less intrusive on the environment.

Mindful of the daily risks on the road and keen to take extra steps to protect its business and drivers in the event of a claim, Excalon invested in Centrad cameras complete with tracking and remote access for each of its vehicles.

The company has been a customer of Centrad’s for five years. It needed a system which would give a fast and accurate picture to determine who is at fault in the event of an RTA in
addition to a full suite of telematics reporting.

Julie Sutherland, Support Services Director of Excalon, said there had been a vital need for the cameras, to give clarification on events following a number of incidents on the roads.

She said: “With a large number of vehicles on UK roads every day, mainly during the late mornings and late afternoons when the roads are busier, the Centrad system has proven to be an excellent investment which continues to pay for itself.

“There have been numerous occasions in which we have had to look at footage captured on the Centrad system to conduct our own investigations into road traffic incidents where there has been a dispute over who has been at fault.

“It also helps us monitor driver behaviour – including use of mobile phones – and gives added protection to our vehicles when they are on site – giving footage of other vehicles.” Julie said the system’s geofencing function is an added benefit, triggering an alert for employers when their drivers are not within the boundaries of where they are expected to be.

Centrad was established in 2006 by Managing Director Geoff Cross. With Geoff’s background in fleet operations Centrad’s USP is developing innovative solutions which meet
gaps in the market.

Geoff said: “With several vehicles on the roads every day Excalon has already had the misfortune to experience occasions over the years where their drivers have been blamed for collisions that were not their fault.

“Thankfully, with more than 20 years in business the company has long been aware of the risks on the roads and has long had the foresight to invest in Centrad cameras to give a clear picture of events that have occurred should such a need arise.

“We are delighted our systems have already provided that much-needed protection for Excalon and its drivers and has helped the company fend off more costly insurance premiums. We are confident our systems will continue to prove their worth to the Excalon workforce in the years to come.”

Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing Director

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