Is now the time to reconsider cameras in the cab?

Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing DirectorThe ongoing discussion of the need for driver facing cameras is one that has often split the industry.

However, with more onus for fleet operators to provide further protection for their drivers as well as general road users, the in-cab camera debate may need to be reconsidered following the introduction of tougher road laws at the turn of the year.

One such incoming change is regarding mobile phone usage when behind the wheel – with the new ruling doubling down on the fact that it is illegal to hold and use a phone, sat nav, tablet, or any device that can send or receive data, while driving.

Failure to observe this new law could also result in HGV drivers within the UK to become significantly out of pocket – with penalties starting at a £200 fine and 6-points on the driver’s licence. However, HGV or bus drivers could also face fines of up to £2,500 if taken to court.

With new cameras aimed at catching drivers using their mobile phones currently being trialled by UK police, the risk of being caught is only becoming ever heightened.

Indeed driver-facing cameras are ultimately there to protect the driver against falling foul of such behaviour as much as they are in place to assist them in their role. While their benefits are well-versed, it must be stressed that their scope goes far beyond just their ability to combat fraudulent claims, improve road safety and lower fleet risk.

Certain in-cab monitoring systems are actually able to provide a preventative benefit as well as pre-emptive advantage in relation to avoiding incidents. Through the use of AI, such systems are even able to assess driver vigilance when behind the wheel through the detection of fatigue or distraction – providing in-cab and back office alerts if either are flagged.

Indeed, it has been shown that the introduction of such cameras has had a positive, long-lasting effect on driver behaviour, eliminating bad habits that have the potential to result in accidents or even lead to driver prosecution. And with legislation only likely to become ever-more stringent, and with road safety set to become more refined, in-cab cameras could swiftly make the switch from ‘big brother’ to a driver’s ‘best friend’ in the coming years.

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Geoff Cross, Managing Director of Centrad


Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing Director
Geoff Cross
Managing Director

I’m Geoff Cross, Managing Director here at Centrad. You might not know, but I used to be a fleet operator. So, I know the challenges and frustrations you’re facing with theft, vandalism, and of course, insurance claims.

In fact, back when I owned a fleet, we knew all too much about  insurance claims, but that’s a story for another day. That’s what gave  me the idea for Centrad – because I know how much of a pain those  issues are. I wanted to solve that problem.

I understand the issues you face, which is why we help fleet operators  like you increase vehicle safety through CCTV and telematics AND  save thousands of £ every single year.

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