Centrad CCTV Systems Keeps Notts & Derby Passengers and Drivers Safe on the Roads

Notts & Derby buses, part of The Wellglade Group, has invested in Centrad eight-camera CCTV systems for five brand new vehicles manufactured by Alexander Dennis to join their growing fleet.

The company, which serves a vast portfolio of customers including local authorities, employers, universities and colleges, and caters for anything from a daytrip to a long-term contract, has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Centrad stretching back 13 years.

Originally using the company for destination display equipment – Centrad initially specialised in electronic LED destination displays, before branching into Vehicle CCTV and telematics – Notts & Derby owns 30 other buses, mostly double-deckers, which are all fitted with Centrad cameras.

Offering 360-degree coverage around the vehicles the cameras provide ultimate visibility for the whole fleet.

Stuart Frost, Manager of Notts & Derby, said the installation of the Centrad system had brought many advantages to the company.

He said: “Not only do Centrad’s cameras give all round protection to our vehicles but also to our drivers and passengers and indeed Notts & Derby itself as a company.

“In fact, our drivers were really pleased when we introduced them.

“In the event of a claim where a driver may have to brake or take evasive action and a passenger is injured as a result, we are able to see what has happened and the events that followed. False claims are not exactly unheard of in our line of work and if we were unlucky enough for this to happen then of course the Centrad system will have more than paid for itself.

“As well as complete visibility it also offers protection to our drivers and passengers – for example in the event of disruptive teenagers on board a bus – offering peace of mind to those on board.”

Centrad was established in 2006 by Managing Director Geoff Cross. With Geoff’s background in fleet operations, Centrad’s USP is developing innovative solutions which meet gaps in the market.

In the early years of Centrad insurance companies had insisted coaches and buses were equipped with CCTV. Now they take it as a given that all such passenger vehicles are fitted with cameras as standard.

Stuart Frost from Notts & Derby added that investment in the Centrad system had substantially reduced their insurance premiums. While driver behaviour is not monitored as a matter of course, the cameras are used retrospectively in the event of an incident.

“Basically, it covers your back and provides total peace of mind!” he said.

Geoff Cross, Managing Director of Centrad says: “We’re delighted to continue to support the Wellglade Group and protect their fleet with our camera systems. Our systems will no doubt provide Notts & Derby a return on their investment many times over during the life of these vehicles”.

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Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing Director
Geoff Cross
Managing Director

I’m Geoff Cross, Managing Director here at Centrad. You might not know, but I used to be a fleet operator. So, I know the challenges and frustrations you’re facing with theft, vandalism, and of course, insurance claims.

In fact, back when I owned a fleet, we knew all too much about  insurance claims, but that’s a story for another day. That’s what gave  me the idea for Centrad – because I know how much of a pain those  issues are. I wanted to solve that problem.

I understand the issues you face, which is why we help fleet operators  like you increase vehicle safety through CCTV and telematics AND  save thousands of £ every single year.

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