Understanding the 2024 Updates to Direct Vision Standard and General Safety Regulations

Changes in Transport Safety Standards: A 2024 Perspective

The transport industry is on the brink of significant changes in 2024, primarily due to updates in the General Safety Regulations (GSR) and Direct Vision Standard (DVS). These updates aim to enhance road safety, focusing on heavy goods vehicles.

General Safety Regulations (GSR) Overview

Purpose: GSR’s goal is to decrease accidents and increase road safety in the EU.

Applicability: It applies to new vehicle models, emphasizing vehicle homologation.

Key Features: Includes advanced safety systems like emergency stop signals, tire pressure monitoring, and driver drowsiness detection.

UK Adoption: Currently, the UK hasn’t adopted GSR, but its impact is significant due to the prevalence of EU-manufactured vehicles.

Direct Vision Standard (DVS) 2024 Updates

Evolution to Progressive Safe System: The DVS will evolve, raising the minimum vehicle star rating for visibility and safety from October 2024.

Technology Shift: The update demands new technologies, potentially replacing some existing systems.

For the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) 2024, the required technologies are:

Camera Monitoring System (CMS): To eliminate blind spots, particularly on the near side of the vehicle.

Audible Vehicle Manoeuvring Warning: A system to alert vulnerable road users when the vehicle is turning, focusing on left turns.

Blind Spot Information System (BSIS): This system warns the driver about potential collisions with vulnerable road users on the near side at low speeds.

Moving Off Information System (MOIS): Warns the driver about potential collisions at the front of the vehicle, especially in the forward blind spot area.

Alignment with GSR: DVS updates show a close alignment with GSR, suggesting that GSR-compliant vehicles might largely fulfil DVS requirements.

Operational Impacts and Challenges

Cost and Training: The updates may lead to increased costs and necessitate comprehensive driver training for new technologies.

Implementation Timeline and Supply Issues: Centrad has raised concerns with Transport for London about the readiness for these changes across the industry and potential supply challenges with over 175,000 vehicles requiring the updated technology.

eMark Certification: Ensuring that all equipment installed for compliance is eMark certified.

Declaration of Conformity: Being able to provide a declaration of conformity, indicating that all installed equipment meets required standards.

Cost Implications: Understanding and managing the financial impact of these new requirements.

Supply and Installation Challenges: Anticipating potential issues with the supply and installation of compliant equipment.

These points highlight the need for careful planning and compliance management to meet the new DVS standards.


As we approach 2024, it’s crucial for transport managers and engineers to understand these changes. The focus on enhancing road safety through advanced technology requires preparation and adaptation. The updates, although challenging, present an opportunity for the industry to move towards a safer future on the roads.


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Geoff Cross
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