Use of AI is the future of ensuring driver safety says Centrad

Over the past two decades artificial intelligence has been playing an integral role in paving the way to transforming industries in both a positive and progressive way.

This seismic change is particularly being felt in the transportation industry, which at present is utilising all the advantages that AI has to offer in order to not only increase vehicle efficiency, but to enhance the safety of drivers within the sector along with general road users.

According to leading telematics and vehicle CCTV suppliers Centrad, who are currently in the advanced stages of developing a range of AI camera products, the increased use of artificial intelligence within the transport and logistics industry will pave the way to vastly reducing accidents whilst out on the road – especially with regards to incidents caused by a lack of driver alertness.

Worldwide, it is estimated that between 10 to 20 per cent of all road accidents are directly related to fatigue. Further statistics from the European Commission also suggest that between 10 to 30 per cent of accidents are caused by distracted drivers – with common distractions ranging from mobile phone use to eating and drinking when behind the wheel.

However, through its deep learning capabilities and succinct levels of accuracy, AI when aligned with integrated CCTV vehicle systems will, according to Geoff Cross, Managing Director of Centrad, enhance driver performance on the road by providing drivers with a predictive foresight of potential dangers as well as to maintain their alertness whilst on the road.

Geoff Cross commented: “Over the coming years there will certainly be a shift in the marketplace with regards to vehicle CCTV camera products on offer. Although the vehicle CCTV cameras will still play a significant role in providing real-time incident detection and deterrence, the use of AI with such products will greatly enhance their ability to proactively prevent accidents from occurring.

“This is particularly prevalent with driver facing AI cameras, which are able to detect high-risk behaviours and alert both the driver and the fleet manager in the event of fatigue or distraction events.

“With between 94 to 96 per cent of accidents caused by human error the addition of AI technology will substantially decrease accident rates in the UK as it will enable drivers to take corrective action if they are distracted or driving dangerously. By using event data this can change driver behaviour immediately and to identify ‘at risk’ drivers to management.

“Through being enhanced with AI, such products can therefore be used to effectively flag up incidents before they occur by detecting behaviours and facial cues, rather simply just reacting to accidents which is an issue with standard systems. The preventative element that AI offers is a vital component for ensuring driver safety as by using event data, this will help change driver behaviour immediately and to identify ‘at risk’ drivers to management.

“As a former fleet operator I have seen first-hand how easily negative behaviours such as becoming distracted or drowsiness can have on a driver’s ability to sufficiently operate a vehicle. However, with the next level of vehicle safety technology available we have the power to prevent accidents and risky driving with not only will have a positive impact on the bottom line for fleet operators, but more importantly will vastly improve the safety of their drivers and other road users.”

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Headshot of Geoff Cross, Centrad's Managing Director
Geoff Cross
Managing Director

I’m Geoff Cross, Managing Director here at Centrad. You might not know, but I used to be a fleet operator. So, I know the challenges and frustrations you’re facing with theft, vandalism, and of course, insurance claims.

In fact, back when I owned a fleet, we knew all too much about  insurance claims, but that’s a story for another day. That’s what gave  me the idea for Centrad – because I know how much of a pain those  issues are. I wanted to solve that problem.

I understand the issues you face, which is why we help fleet operators  like you increase vehicle safety through CCTV and telematics AND  save thousands of £ every single year.

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